Amy Chen, Playing  Codex Conquest , Victoria, BC, June 2017.

Amy Chen, Playing Codex Conquest, Victoria, BC, June 2017.

Did you know the best way to learn is to play? That's why I develop games through my lab, Human(ities) Games.

Codex Conquest teaches students to recognize the most important printed books of Western civilization by their nation, century, genre, and current monetary value. Along the way, students learn world history and the scenarios that influence the shape of collections at institutions. Suiting a variety of curricular objectives and student levels, the game can be tailored to fit subject and time specifications as an open educational resource and is accessible to students from high school through graduate school. How deeply students engage with the content of Codex Conquest depends on your pedagogy. 

Mark is comprised of a deck of cards featuring printer's marks on one side and the year they were printed on the other. A variety of games can be played with Mark to emphasize different visual analysis learning objectives from dating to identification of signature motifs.