What do I research? 

  • Literary Archives

Within the United States, the dynamic trade in literary papers began in 1955 and continues today. While each collection is as unique as the writer who created it, the market's overall shape and direction can be tracked to show how it evolved from a trade that cheaply met the needs of a new, larger generation of researchers following World War II into the multimillion dollar market of the present. Placing Papers: The American Literary Archives Market (University of Massachusetts Press, Spring/Summer 2020) documents this history by identifying its stakeholders' previous and current needs to argue that in the future the market will consolidate around the most privileged members of each group of stakeholders in a phenomenon widely known as the Matthew Effect. 

  • Academic Life

Combining evidence-based practice with personal insights drawn from my life as a humanities PhD and librarian, my current book project Minimalist Academic teaches readers to tackle their research, teaching, service, and life efficiently and effectively. Designed to be a guidebook, each topic in Minimalist Academic is given one page. A short explanation at the top of the page explains how to hack the subject while bullet points below provide a TL;DR (too long; didn’t read) summary.